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If you would like Mike Figliuolo to come speak at your organization about The Elegant Pitch and the Structured Thought & Communications method, you can contact him below.

He is also available to teach the Structured Thought & Communications training course. Please contact us to learn more about bringing the program behind The Elegant Pitch into your organization.

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What People are Saying About the Book

“One of the most important skills needed in the workplace today is the ability to tell a story to gain support for your idea. But this is a skill that few seem to have or are able to hone. Mike Figliuolo has created another “must read” for the business world with his latest book, The Elegant Pitch! The book provides you with the mechanics of the perfect pitch and offers creative techniques for delivering it. And as always, Mike writes with wit and humor. This is that one book that you will read, re-read, and recommend to others. I know what book my department book club will be reading next!”
– Andrea Procaccino, Chief Learning Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

“If you need to frame up situations, challenges, and decision paths or you’re looking for support, budget, and headcount for your ideas, you’ll want to read this book twice. The first pass will be an entertaining read where you “see” yourself in the stories Mike tells. In the second read you’ll see how his approach can get you the support you’re seeking for your ideas. Here’s to mastery of The Elegant Pitch. Well done Mike.”
– Suzie Reider, Managing Director, Brand Solutions, YouTube/Google

“Mike has written a “must read” with The Elegant Pitch. Based on his Structured Thought and Communications course, Mike provides a practical roadmap and tools to improve your persuasive communications and increase your influencing capabilities. If you want to get to better decisions faster, have fewer and more productive meetings, and drive greater alignment, read this book and apply the methods it contains.”
– Mark Naidicz, Vice President, Human Resources, AbbVie